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The conference has accepted 29 minisymposia proposals with more than 200 confirmed speakers:

  • MS01 - Innovative Numerical Methods and their Analysis for Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs (Ricardo H. Nochetto, Andreas Veeser)

  • MS02 - Mathematical aspects for flows in fractured porous media (Alessio Fumagalli, Eirik Keilegavlen)

  • MS03 - Modeling and Simulation of Sea Ice (Madlen Kimmritz, Thomas Richter)

  • MS04 - Polyhedral methods and applications (Paola Antonietti, Stefano Berrone, Daniele Di Pietro, Marco Verani)

  • MS05 - Generalized Sampling, Reduced Modeling and sparse recovery (Olga Mula, Clarice Poon)

  • MS06 - Recent Advances in Space-Time Galerkin Methods and Applications (Markus Bause, Boris Vexler)

  • MS07 - FEM meshes with guaranteed geometric properties (Sergey Korotov, Jon Eivind Vatne)

  • MS08 - New frontiers in domain decomposition methods: Optimal control, model reduction, and heterogeneous problems (Gabriele Ciaramella, Martin J. Gander)

  • MS09 - Discretizations and solvers for multi-physics problems (Francisco José Gaspar, Carmen Rodrigo)

  • MS10 - Reduced order models for time-dependent problems (Marie Billaud-Friess, Virginie Ehrlacher, Alexandre Ern)

  • MS11 - Efficient Propagation of Uncertainties in Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations (Per Pettersson, Daniel S. Olderkjær)

  • MS12 - Limiter techniques for flow problems (Sandra May, Stefan Turek)

  • MS13 - Monge-Ampère solvers with applications to illumination optics (Jan ten Thije Boonkkamp, Wilbert IJzerman)

  • MS14 - Biomembranes, Elastic Shells, and Complex Interfaces Symposium (Shawn W. Walker, Thomas Yu)

  • MS15 - Uncertainty Propagation (Alexey Chernov, Oliver Ernst, Sebastian Krumscheid, Fabio Nobile)

  • MS16 - Mixed and nonsmooth methods in numerical solid mechanics (Fleurianne Bertrand, Oliver Sander)

  • MS17 - A posteriori error estimation, adaptivity and approximation (Christian Kreuzer, Andreas Veeser, Pietro Zanotti)

  • MS18 - Noncommutative stochastic differential equations: Analysis and simulation (Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard, Simon J.A. Malham, Anke Wiese)

  • MS19 - Kernel methods for large scale problems: Algorithms and applications (Elisabeth Larsson, Gabriele Santin)

  • MS20 - Advanced discretization methods for computational wave propagation (Julien Diaz, Marcus Grote)

  • MS21 - Unfitted Finite Element Methods: Analysis and Applications (Erik Burman, Mats Larson, Maxim Olshanskii, Arnold Reusken)

  • MS22 - Advances in numerical linear algebra methods and applications to PDEs (Valeria Simoncini, Mattia Tani)

  • MS23 - Numerical Methods in Biophysics (Fred Vermolen, Etelvina Javierre)

  • MS24 - Structure preserving discretizations and high order finite elements for differential forms (Snorre H. Christiansen, Ragnar Winther, Ana Alonso Rodrıguez, Francesca Rapetti)

  • MS25 - PDE Software Frameworks (Robert Klöfkorn, David Ham)

  • MS26 - Approximation of multi-scale nonlinear PDEs (Adrian Muntean, Omar Lakkis, Chankdrasekhar Venkataraman, Martin Lind)

  • MS27 - Numerical methods for simulating processes in porous media (Iuliu Sorin Pop, Raphael Schulz, Peter Knabner, Barbara Wohlmuth)

  • MS28 - Model reduction methods for simulation and (optimal) control (Peter Benner, Jan Heiland, Martin Stoll, Ralf Zimmermann)

  • MS29 - Recent advances on polyhedral discretizations (Paola Antonietti, Stefano Berrone, Daniele Di Pietro, Marco Verani)