Positive Youth Development in a cross-national perspective


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Jose-Michael Gonzalez is a PhD Candidate in Human Development & Family Studies at University of Connecticut, specializing in Parenthood & Parent-Child Relationships. He possesses a B.A. in Child Development from California State University, Stanislaus and M.S. in Family Studies & Human Development from University of Arizona with Child Development Teacher and Site Supervisor credentials and Behavioral Health Technician certification. His scholarly/research agenda focuses on Positive Youth Development (PYD) among ethnic/racial minority and marginalized children and youth in cross-cultural/national contexts, and applications of PYD fundamentals in Global Extension 4-H programming. His research aim is to further develop methods centered on examining developmental mechanisms of intra- and inter-variation centered on intersectoral, multilevel, and multicomponent experiences that align with assets of children, youth, and families from historically marginalized groups and developing nations, toward uncovering protective mechanisms in early childhood with effects through the lifespan that inform, research, policy and extension and intervention/prevention practice.