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Ocean Sustainability Bergen Conference 2020: Treasures from the Ocean

Vitenskap, teknologi og forvaltning for et bærekraftig og produktivt hav er tema for den andre Ocean Sustainability Bergen Conference, som finner sted onsdag 11. november 2020 med et begrenset fysisk arrangement og mulighet for virtuell deltakelse. Bli med for å diskutere havets skatter med oss!

Ocean Sustainability Bergen Conference 2020
Åshild Nylund


Ocean Sustainability Bergen Conference 2020: Treasures from the Ocean
Science, technology and management systems for a healthy and productive ocean

Onsdag 11. november 2020, klokken 13-16 (pålogging fra klokken 12)

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The 2020 OSB Conference Bergen focuses on the ocean resources, and how these may provide the solutions for a growing population and livelihood for coastal communities. The conference invites scholars and decision makers to discuss how we can enhance knowledge production and knowledge sharing and collaboration across sectors and borders to secure a sustainable and efficient use of ocean resources.

How do we collaborate together across institutions, borders and across North-South to secure that the ocean is predictable, clean, safe and healthy? How can science play a stronger role in the management and extraction of resources from the sea? What role can university play to increase ocean literacy in a broader sense? And, not least, in the light of the COVID19 crisis, what treasures does the ocean hide in the search for new medicine?