The Pandemic Center to collaborate with the Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Center of TU Delft

Two representatives of PDPC visited the Pandemic Centre in the second week of January to explore possible collaborations

From the left to the right: Linda Jansen, Andrea Magugliani, Jeanette de Boer and Esperanza Diaz


The Pandemic Centre received the visit of Linda Jansen and Jeanette de Boer from the Pandemics and Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC) in the Netherlands during the second week of January. The PDPC is a joint collaboration of Erasmus MC, Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Gemeente Rotterdam.

The mission of the PDPC is to prepare society for future pandemics and disasters, reduce vulnerabilities and risks, and build resilience through effective disaster prevention, preparedness, and recovery measures.

During the week of the visit the representatives of PDPC attended parts of the Pandemic Center’s interdisciplinary PhD course and exchanged ideas with Esperanza Diaz and Andrea Magugliani for future collaborations and partnerships.

The PDPC has at the moment 5 frontrunners projects:

  • Climate change and vector-borne virus outbreaks
  • Predicting, measuring and quantifying airborne virus transmission
  • Pandemic lessons for flood disaster preparedness
  • Towards social and urban resilience
  • Integrated early-warning surveillance methods and tools

The Pandemic Centre and PDPC look forward to all potential future collaborations both in research and education.