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  • Social insurance economics
  • Health economics
  • Labour economics
  • Applied microeconometrics

ECON240 Introduction to econometrics

ECON341 Econometrics II

Econ329 Empirical labour economics

  • Inequity in the use of physician services in Norway before and after introducing patient lists in primary care. International Journal of Equity in Health, 10:25, 2011. (With Karin Monstad)
  • Inntektsulikhet og sosiale helseforskjeller. Teorier og empiri. I Haug, K., Kaarbøe, O. og T. Olsen(red): Et helsevesen uten grenser? Cappelen Akademiske Forlag, 2009. (med Karin Monstad)
  • Sosial ulikhet i fordelingen av helsetjenester - målemetoder og empiriske funn. I Haug, K., Kaarbøe, O. og T. Olsen (red): Et helsevesen uten grenser? Cappelen Akademiske Forlag, 2009. 
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  • The performance of sample selection estimators to control for attrition bias. Health Economics, 10, 2001, 385-398.

Equity in health care utilization

  • Inequity in the use of physician services in Norway. Changing patterns over time? with Karin Monstad, HEB-working paper no.11/08.

Unequal access to medical care by income in OECD countries. Publications:

  • Doorslaer, E. van, C. masseria, X. Koolman and members of the OECD Health Equity Research Group: Income related inequality in the use of medical care in 21 OECD Countries. In OECD, ed. Towards high-performing Health Systems. Policy Studies. Paris, OECD, 2004, 109-165.
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Evaluation of the Norwegian retail market for pharmaceuticals. Publications:

  • Evaluering av ny apoteklov og indeksprissystemet. Rapport 17, 2003, Rokkansenteret.