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Corinna Schrum

Professor II
  • E-postCorinna.Schrum@uib.no
  • Telefon+47 55 58 26 20+47 915 18 721
  • Besøksadresse
    Allegt. 70
  • Postadresse
    Postboks 7803
    5020 BERGEN

Research fields

My primary research  focuses on the understanding and modeling the functioning of regional marine systems and their coupled interactions with atmosphere and marine biosphere. A significant part of my research efforts goes into the development of coupled models, resulting in one of the first regional coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean models, a NPZD-hydrodynamic model and a coupled ground water-sea water model.


·       Different lectures given at University of Hamburg and University of Bergen, being part of the curricula in Oceanography (Master & Bachelor, Diplom) and the Nordic Master Programme (lecturing since 1997)

·       Basic teaching qualification from University of Bergen

·       Seminar series for PhD and Graduate student level (University of Hamburg, together with a.o. Prof. H.v. Storch, Prof. D. Marotzke, Peter Mueller)

·       Lecturer at summer schools in Sylt/Helgoland (AWI/GKSS, Germany), Kos (Greece) and the Baltic Sea Summer School/Bornholm (Uni. Gothenburg, DTU Aqua)   

·       Supervision of Graduate and PhD student theses  


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Previous projects

  • SIU - POME Predicting and observing the Marine Environment, 2012-2016 (Co-ordinator) http://org.uib.no/pome/.
  • EU-FP7 SEAMAN Spatially resolved Ecosystem models and their Application to Marine Management SeasERA project, 2013-2016 (Co-ordinator) http://www.org.uib.no/seaman/.
  • ECODRIVE (Ecosystem Change in the North Sea: Processes, Drivers, Future Scenarios), 2009-2012 (project coordination Juergen Alheit), project partner, PI.
  • Joint Nordic Master in Marine Ecosystems and Climate (NMP), development of a Joint Master programme, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers (2007), coordinator.[Joint Nordic Master's Programme in Marine Ecosystems and Climate]
  • EU MEECE (Marine Ecosystem Evolution in a Changing Environment), 2008-2012 (project coordination Icarus Allen, project partner, PI
  • EU RECLAIM (REsolving CLimAtic IMpacts on fish stocks), 2007-2009 (project coordination Professor Adriaan Rijnsdorp), project partner, PI [RECLAIM].
  • EU-IP ECOOP (European COastal-shelf sea OPerational observing and forecasting system), 2007-2009 (project coordination Professor Erik Buch), project partner, PI [ECOOP].
  • EU BECAUSE (2004-2007). Hydrodynamic modelling and life cycle modelling for sandeels, project coordination Professor Axel Temming.
  • NRC BIAC IPY-project (2007-2010), project coordination Professor Tor Gammelsrød.
  • DFG Projekt RECONN 2005-2010 im DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm AQUASHIFT, (2005-2006 co-PI together with Prof. Mike St. John und Dr. Myron Peck, from 2007 external cooperation partner). [RECONN].
  • DFG Project Study of the Groundwater Contribution to the Aral Sea Region Water Supply and Water Quality: Strategies for Reversibility and Pollution Control. DFG, additional naional funding for EU-INTAS Project, 2003-2005, PI.
  • EU-INTAS project Study of the Groundwater Contribution to the Aral Sea Region Water Supply and Water Quality: Strategies for Reversibility and Pollution Control, 2002-2005, project coordination, Cluster coordination INTAS Projekte 1014 und 1003.
  • NATO-SfP project The Caspian Sea Circulation, Mass and Energy Budgets and Climate Controls, project plan grant, 2001, project coordination.
  • SFB 512 sub-project B4, Impact of nordatlantic variability on climagtic relevant processes in the Barents Sea, 2001-2003, DFG, (PI). [SFB512].
  • LIFECO, EU-Projekt, 2000-2003, WP-Coordination: Hydrodynamische Modellierung (Project coordination Prof. Mike St. John). [LIFECO].
  • Limnological studies in Lake Baikal, ESA Projekt, 1998-2001, PI.
  • KLINO sub-project B Circulation and water mass exchange between North Sea and Baltic Sea, BMBF 1996-1999 (PI).