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Elina Troscenko

Seniorkonsulent, og doktorgradsstipendiat ved Institutt for sosialantropologi
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My phd project focuses on the effects of recent changes in border and citizenship regimes in post-Soviet Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan. The administrative borders of former Soviet Union have become international borders, with various degrees of militarization and border control. The recent hardening of the borders have affected the established cross-border flow of people, goods and services, influencing cross-border social, economic and political networks. In addition, the citizenship policies in the post-Soviet states resulted in leaving thousands of people without citizenship and turning them into stateless. The project aims to explore the upheavals, disruption and continuation in the lives of stateless people who are ‘non-existent’ in the bureaucratic system of the Kyrgyz state, while they live in a landscape where the officially acknowledged identity is crucial in maneuvering in the border landscape.

Teaching Assistant and Seminar Lecturer 2011:

SANT 220 – Anthropology, Intervention and Development

SANT 215 – Comparative Regional Ethnography. Middle East and Oceania

  • Troscenko, Elina. 2016. "With a Border Fence in the Backyard: Materialization of the Border in the Landscape and the Social Lives’ of Border People". Kapittel 4, sider 87-106. I:
    • Bringa, Tone; Toje, Hege. 2016. Eurasian Borderlands: Spatializing Borders in the Aftermath of State Collapse. Palgrave Macmillan. 261 sider. ISBN: 978-1-137-58309-3.

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Troscenko, E. (2016). "With a Border Fence in the Backyard: Materialization of the Border in the Landscape and the Social Lives’ of Border People" in Bringa, T. and Toje, H. (eds.) Eurasian Borderlands.Spatializing Borders in the Aftermath of State Collapse. Springer, pp.87-106. 


Regional keywords: Post-Soviet space, Caucasus, Central Asia.

Thematic keywords: identity, ethnic conflicts, nationalism, displacement, marginalized populations, exile, state categorization, post-Soviet societies.

Mphil in Anthropology of Development, University of Bergen 2011.

PhD project (ongoing 2013 -):
"Stateless in the Borderlands of Kyrgyzstan" (part of the research project "Eurasian Borderlands").

Mphil project (completed 2011):  "Paradise Lost: Perceptions of Displacement among Internally Displaced Persons in Tbilisi, Georgia".