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I am an earth scientist and spatial data analyst. My background is in geo-ecological dynamics, geodiversity and geo- and ecosystem services. I use ArcGIS, Google Earth Engine. R and Python to assess landscape dynamics through space and time.

Since January 2023 I am part of the PPF-Alpine project (Past, Present and Future of Alpine Biomes Worldwide), funded by Trond Mohn Stiftelse and the Department of Biological Science at UiB. The aim of the project is to develop an understanding of the role of the dynamic past of alpine biomes in shaping present-day biodiversity and provide a foundation for anticipating ecological responses to future climate changes. My focus will be on uncovering, quantifying and modelling the spatiotemporal dynamics, as well as the connectivity, of global alpine biomes.More information on the project, team and publications can be found here:


Rentier, E.S. & Cammeraat, L. E. (2022). The environmental impacts of river sand mining. Science of The Total Environment, 155877. Link