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Vitenskapelig artikkel
  • Stokke, Runar; Reeves, Eoghan; Dahle, Håkon; Fedøy, Anita-Elin; Viflot, Thomas Øfstegaard; Onstad, Solveig L.; Vulcano, Francesca; Pedersen, Rolf Birger; Eijsink, Vincent; Steen, Ida Helene. 2020. Tailoring hydrothermal vent biodiversity towards improved biodiscovery using a novel in-situ enrichment strategy. Frontiers in Microbiology.
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  • Wilckens, Frederike K.; Reeves, Eoghan; Bach, Wolfgang; Seewald, Jeffrey S; Kasemann, Simone A. 2019. Application of B, Mg, Li, and Sr Isotopes in Acid‐Sulfate Vent Fluids and Volcanic Rocks as Tracers for Fluid‐Rock Interaction in Back‐Arc Hydrothermal Systems. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. 1-18.
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  • Schouw, Anders; Vulcano, Francesca; Roalkvam, Irene; Hocking, William Peter; Reeves, Eoghan; Stokke, Runar; Bødtker, Gunhild; Steen, Ida Helene. 2018. Genome analysis of Vallitalea guaymasensis strain L81 isolated from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent system. Microorganisms.
  • Wang, David T.; Reeves, Eoghan; McDermott, Jill M; Seewald, Jeffrey S; Ono, Shuhei. 2018. Clumped isotopologue constraints on the origin of methane at seafloor hot springs. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 141-158.
  • Meier, Dimitri; Bach, Wolfgang; Girguis, Peter; Gruber-Vodicka, Harald; Reeves, Eoghan; Richter, Michael; Vidoudez, Charles; Amann, Rudolf; Meyerdierks, Anke. 2016. Heterotrophic Proteobacteria in the vicinity of diffuse hydrothermal venting. Environmental Microbiology. 4348-4368.
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Faglig foredrag
  • Reeves, Eoghan. 2015. Temporal evolution of magmatic-hydrothermal systems in the Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea: Insights from vent fluid chemistry and bathymetric observations, Abstract OS42A-05 .
Populærvitenskapelig foredrag
  • Reeves, Eoghan. 2015. Controls on the Formation and Composition of Seafloor Hot Springs: Implications for polymetallic sulfide deposits, extreme life, and astrobiology.
Vitenskapelig foredrag
  • Reeves, Eoghan; Pedersen, Rolf B. 2016. New opportunities for mid-ocean ridge research in the Arctic.
  • Reeves, Eoghan. 2016. INVITED: Exploring organic diversity and origins in seafloor hot springs: a synthesis of recent discoveries.
  • Vulcano, Francesca; Stokke, Runar; Dahle, Håkon; Reeves, Eoghan; Roerdink, Desiree; Hahn, Cedric; Wegener, Gunter. 2019. Identification of key-players in anaerobic alkane oxidation in the diffuse venting Barite Field at the Loki´s castle.

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