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Gaby Margarita Ortiz Barreda

Førsteamanuensis, Førsteamanuensis

Parenting Intervention

Migrasjons og minoritetsforskning

Helse og migrasjon

Mothering in adverse circumstances

Violence Against Women and Children

Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Emmeansvarlig til kurs:

Fordjuping i metode, etikk og prosjektplan - HABA 302, Kvalitativ (10 studiepoeng)
Omsorgsutøving, barn si utvikling og avgjersler i barnevernet - MABARN 314 (10 studiepoeng)
Vitenskapelig foredrag
  • 2018. How Much Do We Know About Parental Satisfaction In Parenting Training Interventions? A Scoping Review .

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Policy Brief and Reports

(2016) Tool kit for ensuring the participation of Roma population in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes to improve their health

Co-author(s): Francisco Francés, Daniel La Parra, María Asunción Martínez, Gaby Ortiz-Barreda, Erica Briones-Vozmediano.

Publishing and Edited by WHO Regional Office for Europe, Denmark.Pages: vii + 77 pages. ISBN 978 92 890 5140 8


(2014) Policy Brief. Preventing and Addressing Intimate Partner Violence against Migrant and Ethnic Minority Women: the role of the health sector

Co-author(s): Carmen Vives-Cases, Daniel La Parra, Isabel Goicolea, Emily Felt, Gaby Ortiz-Barreda, Erica Briones-Vozmediano, Diana Gil-González

Publishing and Edited by WHO Regional Office for Europe, Denmark. Pages: vi + 17 pages. ISBN 978 92 890 5074 6


(Current) Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020. DG Justice. RoMOMatteR Project Status: International collaborator in Work Package 2. Early motherhood among Roma Girls. Responsible: Univ. Seville, Spain and WHO Collaborating Center Social Inclusion, Univ. Alicante.

(Current) MOOC: Online Course on Methods of Social Participation of Roma in the Policy Design to Improve Their Health. Status: Research Collaborator. Funding source: Foundation open society institute (FOSI). Responsible:  WHO Collaborating Center Social Inclusion, Univ. Alicante. Status: International collaborator.

(2017) Which factors can contribute to long-term recovery among survivor of intimate partner violence (IPV)? Status: Research Collaborator. Funding source: Institute for Social studies and Social Education, Bergen University College. Responsible: Dr. Kjersti Alsaker

(2017) Development of Evidence-Based Interventions on Sexual Education among adolescents. Experience on BIOBIO Region. Status: Research Collaborator.National Fund for Researcher and Developments in Health [FONIS]. Ministry of Health, Chile.

(2015-2016) Scoping Review related to the health interventions among migrant population. Status: Research Collaborator. Funding source: Funded by Worldwide Universities Research Network (WUN). Research Group of the Health of Family and Migrants Across the Life Course. University of Bergen and University of Western Australia