Harald Sodemanns bilde

Harald Sodemann

Professor, Meteorologi (Numerisk modeléring og Atmosfærisk Vannsyklus)

I am enthusiastic about research, education and outreach using models and observations related to  the atmospheric water cycle, stable water isotopes, and transport of atmospheric constituents, such as dust. A particular focus is on integrating models and experimental data, I have contributed to several airborne measurement campaigns in recent years. I am part of the leadership for FARLAB, the new National Facility for Advanced Research on Light isotopes at the University of Bergen, and affiliated with the Bjerknes Center.

Research topics 

  • Atmospheric water cycle
  • Stable water isotopes
  • Atmospheric constituent transport
  • Desert dust transport
  • Stable boundary layer research

Current topics for a Masters Thesis

Vanntransport under ekstremvær "Hans" Bjerknessentered/UiB, Thea Svensson, September 2023

Om sammenhengen mellom forskning og høyere utdanning, Khrono, April 2023

Om ISLAS2022 feltarbeidet, Bjerknessenteret/UiB, Ellen Viste, 24 March 2022

Om vanntransport og isbreer, <2ºC, Energi og Klima, Expertinervju, Lars Ursin, 29 September 2021

Om betydningen av feltarbeid i undervisning, Forskersonen.no, Sodemann og Daae, 7 Juli 2021

I lead the program board in Meteorology and Oceanography at the Geophysical Institute, and I actively involved in the Educational Research School of the SFU project iEarth.

I currently teach the following courses in the BSc programme "Climate, Atmosphere and Ocean Physics" and in the MSc programme "Meteorology and Oceanography" at the Geophysical Institute:

GEOF105 / Atmosphere and Ocean physics: This is a BSc level course where students acquire quantitative introductory knowledge about the atmosphere and ocean through lectures, laboratory experiments, assignments and programming exercises. The highlight of the course is a cruise on one of the research vessels available to the Geophysical Institute.

GEOF232 / Practical meteorology and oceanography: This is a final year BSc course where groups of students conduct small research projects centered around field work in meteorology and oceanography. The challenges of fieldwork and the reward of working with own measurement data create unique learning experiences. See here for short movies about the fieldwork in this course in 2017 and 2016.

GEOF321 / Models and methods in numerical weather and climate prediction: This is an advanced MSc/PhD level course where we attempt a both wide and deep coverage of the science of weather and climate modelling. Starting out with the details of how atmospheric models are constructed in terms of dynamics and physical processes, we cover data assimilation methods and modern forecasting paradigms, including ensemble prediction and verification methods. Students learn to use the terminology in discussions by challenging role-playing exercises. See here for a written report on how that works.

GEOF351 / Seminar in Atmospheric Science: This is a MSc/PhD level course where students will acquire in-depth knowlege on an annualy changing subject through literature study and review, discussion, writing and presentation. This year's theme is "The Atmospheric Water Cycle - From Processes to Budgets"



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VISOR (2023-2024). ERC Proof-of-Concept grant emerging from ISLAS.

ISLAS (2018-2023). In the ERC Consolidator Grant project ISLAS (Isotopic links to atmospheric water's sources) we will follow the water evaporating in the Nordic Seas during its entire atmospheric life time. From measurements of the stable isotope composition of water vapour using research aircraft, we will obtain an unprecedented picture of how water is processed in the atmosphere.

SNOWPACE (2017-2021). As Principal Investigator of SNOWPACE (Sources of the Norwegian Winter season snow pack) we will work closely together with the group of Prof. John Burkhard at Univeristy of Oslo to analyze from which parts of the North Atlantic the water deposited with the winter snow in the Norwegian mountains in Norway comes from. A PhD at UiO and a PostDoc at UiB will soon start their positions within this project.

INTAROS (2017-2022). As co-Investigator in INTAROS (Integrated Arctic Observing System), funded by the EU in Horizon 2020 blue growth call H2020-BG-09-2016, we will be conducting water vapour isotope measurements during research cruises to the Marginal Ice Zone. The large INTAROS project has many partners and is lead by the Nansen Centre, which is also one of the partners of Bergen's renowned Bjerknes Center.

S5P-Innovation H2O-Iso (2019-2020). As co-Investigator in this ESA development project, we will be responsible for providing the datasets and model simulations with isotope-enabled regional models that will allow to evaluate the new satellite retrieval algorithms developed by the project partners.

LEMON (2019-2022). As partner in the EU-H2020 project LEMON, GFI will contribute to the validation of a new space-borne LASER instrument that is capable of measuring the isotope composition of water vapour in the atmosphere.

FARLAB (2015-2025). As co-manager in this Infrastruktur project FARLAB (Facility for advanced isotopic research and monitoring of weather, climate, and biogeochemical cycling) funded by the Norwegian Research Council, we are establishing state-of-the-art measurement facilities for light stable isotope analysis at University of Bergen. Our ambition for FARLAB is to become a national hub and training facility for triple-isotope analysis of liquid water samples and for water vapour isotope measurements in Norway. Take a look at our equipment and capabilities at the FARLAB home page.

WaVIL (2017-2020). As external partner in the WaVIL Project (Differential Absorption lidar for monitoring water vapor and isotope HDO in the lower troposphere: the Water Vapor and Isotope Lidar) funded by the French ANR and led by Cyrille Flamant at CNRS, we support the development of an exciting new instrument for the remote sensing of stable isotopes in atmospheric water vapour.

COIN (2016-2018). As PI of the Collaboration Iceland-Norway project, funded by the Participation in Arctic Research and Studies Program of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Iceland and Norway, we coordinate activities with research groups working on stable water isotopes in Denmark and Norway through a series of workshops.

ACE (2016-2018). As collaborators in the Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition (ACE) project XI ("Investigation of air-sea interaction in the Southern Ocean from stable water isotope measurements"), we collected a unique set of samples in this project led by Heini Wernli's research group at the IACETH at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. The cruise has been very successfully completed from Dec 2016 to Mar 2017 and we are now analysing samples at FARLAB. Here are TV reports on Swiss and French television about this fascinating cruise.

TWEX-Future.no (2016-2020). As counsellor in the TWEX-Future.no project (Translating weather extremes into the future - a case for Norway) lead by Jana Sillmann at CICERO, we support the analysis of how extreme flood events produced by Atmospheric Rivers affecting Norway today and in the future are represented in high resolution climate models. The project is set up to such that enables close interaction with stakeholders and local communities.

AC-AHC2 (2015-2019). As external partner in the AC-AHC2 project (Atmospheric Circulation and Arctic Hydrological Cycle Changes) funded by the French ANR and led by Valerie Masson-Delmotte, CNRS, we contribute to the installation of a bottom-up network of water vapour measurement stations in the European Arctic, including moisture source analysis.

Sodemann, Harald; Fremme, Astrid, Calculated moisture sources for the Yangtse River Valley for past, present and future climate using a Lagrangian moisture source diagnostic, 08 May 2023, https://zenodo.org/record/7907221#.ZFzwnC1Bx9s

Zannoni, Daniele; Steen-Larsen, Hans Christian;  Sodemann, Harald: LEMON2021 Ground validation campaign, 25 April 2023, https://zenodo.org/record/7864007#.ZFzw9S1Bx9s

Raffel, Bonnie; Touzeau, Alexandra; Sodemann, Harald; Lange, Benjamin Allen; Cristea, Anca; Divine, Dmitry V; Granskog, Mats A (2023): Physical and chemical properties of different summer sea-ice types, sea water and precipitation in the Eurasian basin during the CAATEX 2019 cruise. PANGAEA, https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.954891.

Sodemann, H.; Touzeau, A. (2022): Water isotope measurements from the Marginal Ice Zone and Fram strait during the INTAROS cruise, August 2018. PANGAEA, https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.947033

Aemisegger, F., and Sodemann, H. (2017): Water vapour isotopes, D-IBUF, HyMeX-SOP1. SEDOO OMP. https://doi.org/10.6096/MISTRALS-HYMEX.1475