Ida Martine Gard Rysjedals bilde

Ida Martine Gard Rysjedal

Stipendiat, PhD-candidate

Part of the Understanding Male Gamers project.

Currently working on the PhD project about how gaming behavior and communicational aspects can be a way of channeling masculinity, in two different forums (one open and one closed) and on selected YouTube-/Twitch.tv-channels. 

Gard, I.M.S. (2023) Transgressive spillerkarakterer: Kjønnsstereotyper og giftig spillkultur rundt The Last of Us Part 2. Master thesis. The Universiy of Bergen. Available: https://bora.uib.no/bora-xmlui/handle/11250/3075046

Bachelors degree in Media and Communication, within the course Media Institutions: Market and Democracy, focusing on mediainstitutions and freedom of speech.


Master thesis in game studies, within Media and Communication. Conducted a forum study focusing on the toxic gamer culture and gender stereotypes connected to the game The Last of Us Part 2. The transgressive - or boundary breaking - elements of the characters in the game made a pathway to understand how expectations to gender, and stereotypical understandings of gender, were present in the toxic parts of the gamer culture.