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Jørn Skavland

  • E-postJorn.Skavland@uib.no
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    Haukeland universitetssykehus, Laboratoriebygget
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    Postboks 7804
    5020 Bergen

My research projects are focused on understanding cellular signaling (phosphorylation) and can be divided in four topics.

-          Basal research understanding signaling node cascade.

-          Aberrant signaling pattern in chronic and acute myeloid leukemia.

-          Phospho-signaling and hematologic pattern to immunologic response.

-          Mass Cytometry – a new instrument analyzing over 40 parameters in a single cell manner.                      

I have shown that analyzing in vivo patient whole blood, the change in the signaling pattern shortly after start a new treatment regime reflects the drug that is given. Using this methodology I’m involved in several cancer sub-studies - local and international.


Monitoring signaling patterns in patients starting a new treatment is likely to be of important for patient progress, early drug evaluation, as well as increased understanding of complex diseases.