Katinka Lund Wågsæthers bilde

Katinka Lund Wågsæther

Katinka Lund Wågsæther moved to South Africa in 2006 to do her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at the University of Cape Town (UCT). She went on to study atmospheric science and applied climate science with a focus on climate change vulnerability and adaptation. On finishing her degree she went to work with a grassroots based non-governmental organisation focused on climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation and empowering of disadvantaged groups. She later found her way back to the University, and has been working with the Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) at UCT from January 2015 until May 2020 – most recently in the role as Science-Society Engagement Research Fellow. 

Having decided to relocate back to Europe she is now busy finding her ‘European feet,’ and is currently excited to be working on the Justice Mobility Transitions project at the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformations at the University of Bergen.