Line Marie Sørsdals bilde

Line Marie Sørsdal

Ph.d.-kandidat, Forskningskoordinator

Line M. Sørsdal works as the research coordinator of TROPICO – Transforming into Open Innovative and Collaborative Governments.

TROPICO is funded by the Horizon 2020 framework program of the European Union, Grant Agreement No. 726840.

The TROPICO project examines how governments and public administrations in Europe work and transforms to enhance collaboration in policy design and service delivery, advancing the participation of public, private and societal actors. Central to the project is how digitalization, information and communications technologies (ICT) and new digital tools contribute to collaboration.

The TROPICO project is coordinated from the Department of administration and organization theory at the University of Bergen (UiB) and has 12 partners in 10 European countries. For more information: www.tropico-project.eu

Line M. Sørsdal also is a PhD-candidate in Political Science (at UiB). She previously studied law and social policy at London School of Economics, and she has worked several years at Oslo District Court. Her research interests are children’s rights, social policy and regulation, and comparative public administration.