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Linling Chen

Seniorrådgiver, Forskningskoordinator
  • E-postLinling.Chen@uib.no
  • Telefon+47 55 58 87 80
  • Besøksadresse
    Allégaten 41
    5007 Bergen
    3G15c -3142
  • Postadresse
    Postboks 7803
    5020 Bergen

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Vitenskapelig artikkel
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2023). Analysis of storm surge events along the Norwegian coast. Frontiers in Earth Science.
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Populærvitenskapelig foredrag
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2015). Arktiske endringer og rart vær i Europa.
Vitenskapelig foredrag
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2020). Re-assessing extreme sea level events through interplay of tides and storm surges .
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2018). Arctic sea ice (and icebergs) in a changing climate .
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  • Vis forfatter(e) (2008). Decadal changes of the Greenland Ice Sheet elevation derived from satellite altimetry.
Short communication
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2012). Interdisciplinary cooperation on impacts of climate change in the Arctic. EOS.
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2010). Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Elevation Change and Influence of Atmospheric Teleconnections in the Northern Hemisphere.
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  • Vis forfatter(e) (2015). Re-visiting our understanding of surface temperature response to climate forcing.
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2014). What’s the difference between these winters? .
Populærvitenskapelig kapittel/artikkel
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2016). Den tredje polen og klimaendringer i Kina. 63-66.

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