Magne Thormodsæters bilde

Magne Thormodsæter


The Inventio Ensemble 

L'arte della persuasione, 1st movement 

L'arte della persuasione, 2nd movement

L'arte della persuasione, 3rd movement

A research project funded by The Grieg Academy, The Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design, University of Bergen

The idea with this project is to merge musicians from different performing traditions. With a nice mix of my favorite performers from the classical environment and great improvising musicians with amazing ears an astonishing sense of creativity, we're aiming for a result where 1 + 1 becomes more then 2. The whole piece is called L'arte della persuasione (The art of persuasion) and contains five movements: 
elocutio -part I and II

Melina Mandozzi - violine  
Vladimíra Ščigulinská - violin
Mara Haugen - violin 
Ricardo Odriozola - viola
John Ehde - cello
Magne Thormodsæter - bass
Eivind Lønning - trumpet
Kjetil Møster - tenor saxophone 
Thomas Dahl - guitar
Svein Olav Herstad - piano
Håkon Mjåset Johansen - drums
Ivar Thormodsæter - drums

Recorded by Davide Bertolini
Mixed by Cem Arapkirlioğlu 
Filmed by Montag