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Maren Metell

  • E-postMaren.Metell@uib.no
  • Telefon+47 912 45 157
  • Besøksadresse
    Lars Hillesgt. 3
  • Postadresse
    Postboks 7800
    5020 Bergen
  • Metell, Maren. 2019. How We Talk when We Talk About Disabled Children and Their Families: An Invitation to Queer the Discourse. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy. 19. Publisert 2019-10-27.
  • Metell, Maren; Stige, Brynjulf. 2016. Blind spots in music therapy. Toward a critical notion of participation in context of children with visual impairment. Nordic journal of music therapy. 25: 300-318. doi: 10.1080/08098131.2015.1081265
  • Metell, Maren. 2015. “A great moment.. because of the music”: An exploratory study on music therapy and early interaction with children with visual impairment and their sighted caregivers. The British Journal of Visual Impairment. 33: 111-125. doi: 10.1177/0264619615575792

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