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in situ imaging of multiphase flow in heterogeneous porous media using PET/CT MRI/NMR, NTI and CT. Study capillary phenomena and flow in porous media such as foam generation, spontaneous imbibition and CO2 injection. Apply mobility control during CO2 injection for oil recovery and associated CO2 storage in mature oil reservoirs. Special interest in flow mechanisms in fractured reservoirs and how to improve sweep efficiency.


PhD/Post doc and Master student veiledning

Antall PhD-and master studenter veiledet (2010- ): 59

PhD/Post doc:       10 (4 kvinner, 6 menn)

Master students:    49 (15 kvinner, 34 menn)


Forelesner ved institutt for fysikk og teknologi

PTEK100: Introduksjon til petroleum- og prosessteknologi, Bachelor in Petroleumsteknologi

PTEK 211: Grunnleggjande reservoarfysikk, Bachelor in Petroleumsteknologi

PTEK 214: Eksperimentelle metodar i reservoarfysikk, Bachelor in Petroleumsteknologi

PTEX: Felttur til oljeselskap i Texas

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Se fullstendig oversikt over publikasjoner i CRIStin.

Nanoparticles to Stabilize CO2-foam for Efficient CCUS in Challenging Reservoirs (2017-2020)

Prosjektet vil etablere attraktive industrielle løsninger som reduserer karbonfotavtrykket gjennom kombinert lagring av klimagassen CO2 og økt oljeproduksjon i modne felt ved bruk av nanoteknologi for å stabilisere CO2-skum. Globale energi strategier må reflektere dagens klimautfordringer, og lagring av CO2 er en storskala løsning for å redusere utslipp av menneskeskapt CO2 fra fossilt brensel. Fangst av CO2 er dyrt og energikrevende, og industrien trenger økonomiske insentiver til å iverksette storskala CO2 fangst og lagring. CO2 skum kan realisere disse verdiene og samtidig gi en positiv synergi mellom behovet for mer energi kombinert med muligheten for reduksjon av CO2 utslipp og karbon lagring ved permanent, sikker og billig lagring av CO2 i modne oljefelt. Et internasjonalt samarbeid med anerkjente forskere fra University of Calgary, Canada og Stanford University, USA vil bruke nanoteknologi for å forbedre CO2 skum. Nanoteknologi har potensiale til å forbedre flere av dagens EOR teknologier i reservoarmiljøer med høy temperatur og salinitet


CO2 Storage from Lab to On-Shore Field Pilots: Using CO2-Foam for Mobility Control in CCUS (2016-2019)

An international collaboration, including 6 universities and 7 oil and service companies in Europe and USA, combines expertise and the common goal to develop and test CO2 foam systems with mobility control at laboratory and field scale to optimize CO2 storage in the form of CO2 integrated EOR and CO2 aquifer sequestration. CO2 foam systems for mobility control will be developed and tested in three inexpensive confirmed on-shore US field pilots, in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs. Assisted by field experience from the US pilots CO2 Foam EOR for field implementation on NCS will be developed. Important for use on NCS is screening of surfactants to find the most environmental friendly chemicals, to include various types of reservoir rocks to reflect NCS conditions and to include various types of fractures and heterogeneities that are most important for NCS applications. 


Wettability changes during polymer injection in unconsolidated sands (2017-2020)

Polymer injection for reduction of water permeability is widely used in the industry to reduce water cut in production wells. It may also be used during EOR operations to improve the mobility ratio between the injected aqueous phase and the crude oil. The polymer reduces the flow of water more effectively than reducing the flow of oil and several mechanisms for this behavior have been proposed including shrinking/swelling, preferred pathways, wall effects and wettability effects. This project proposal will focus on the latter two effects, with emphasis on the effect of wettability. In particular, one key question to answer is if polymer treatment of the reservoir will change the wetting properties of the reservoir.


Wetting in porous media, a multi-method approach to measurement, imaging and modelling (2015-2020)

In order to perform coordinated investigations on molecular, microscopic and macroscopic scales related to wettability properties, we have established an interdisciplinary group of researchers with complementary competence and equipment from The Department of Physics and Technology (IFT) and The Department of Chemistry (KI). The group is also in close cooperation with Statoil’s laboratories at Sandsli. The overall objective of this project proposal is to couple wetting properties on the molecular scale with the flow response on core-scale using a multi-scale approach: 1) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) measurements for fundamental wettability characterization on the fluid-solid interface. 2) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) characterization and flow imaging on the pore scale and core scale. 3) Modeling combined with field pilot on the reservoir scale in parallel activities.