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Morgane Alizee Kerdoncuf

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I am an ecologist currently working on grazing impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services from a survey led at the scale of Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve. From my background in conservation biology, restoration ecology and management of natural habitats, I have taken interest in a more holistic approach of research in ecology. As such, improving scientific communication to the public and local governance is one of my main concern.

I have a liking in coastal habitats (heathlands, halophilous grasslands) and I am very interested by the combined impact of human pressure/management and of climate change on plant and arthropod communities.

TradMod - From traditional resource use to modern industrial production: holistic management in Western Norway

I am looking at the role of grazers in shaping biodiversity and ecosystem services provision within the semi-natural habitats of Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve. At a fine scale, we are using a grazing and dung-throwing experiment on recent burnt patches of coastal heathland (Øygarden) to assess independently the effects of biomass removal with trampling and fertilisation on plants, soil and insects. At a wider scale, we compare the impact of different grazing regimes, including different grazers (sheep, cows, goats), through a West-East gradient in Nordhordland Biopshere Reserve, on biodiversity (plants, mesofauna, beetles) and ecosystem services (productivity, carbon storage, water and nutrient cylcing, soil quality and fertility...).