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Diversity, evolution and phylogeny of mollusca.

Mollusca is a highly diverse phylum. My research aims to investigate the processes and evolutionary forces that are behind the organism diversity that we can observe. I am studying phylogeny and systematics in several groups of molluscs, including Bivalvia, Scaphopda and the aculiferan molluscs Polyplacophora and Aplacophora.

My current research focuses on the phylogeny and systematics of aculiferan molluscs. The clade Aculifera consists of the aplacophoran molluscs (Mollusca, Aplacophora) and chitons (Polyplacophora). The shell-less, worm-shaped morphology of the aplacophoran Caudofoveata (=Chaetodermomorpha) and Solenogastres (=Neomeniomorpha) is unique among the Mollusca. These exclusively marine molluscs are characterised by a mantle covered in calcareous sclerites, and reduction or complete loss of the foot. The Polyplacophora share a spicule covered mantle, but in contrast has eight shell plates and a creeping foot.

Aculifera is sister to the remaining Mollusca (Conchifera), thus understanding the evolutionary history of aculiferan molluscs is important for understanding early molluscan evolution. I am using phylogenetic analyses based on morphology and on molecular methods to produce a robust phylogenetic hypothesis of the evolutionary relationships within Aculifera. 

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1.Norwegian Chitons -Diversitet, utbredelse og DNA strekkoding av norske leddsnegl (Polyplacophora Mollusca)


2. Where are the Caudofoveata (Mollusca) in the tree of life?- Phylogeny and evolution of the caudofoveate aplacophoran molluscs.

3. DNA strekkoding av sjøtenner (Scaphopoda, Mollusca)