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My research focuses on comparative public policy governance and is broadly situated in interpretive and critical policy analysis, and inspired by constructivist political sociology as well as cultural political economy. I explore the interactions and effects of norms, meaning-making and more material structures in public policy. My empirical expertise is in migration governance, risk analysis and risk regulation, and the use of artificial intelligence technologies in public administrations.

I am a co-editor of Critical Policy Studies, and I recently published Varieties of Risk Analysis in Public Administrations. Problem-Solving and Polity Policies in Europe (short intro here) as well as the co-edited Handbook on the Governance and Politics of Migration (short promotional video here). I currently co-edit the Handbook on Public Policy and Artificial Intelligence (Elgar).

I am course responsible for research design (AORG 332) and give lectures on European integration and multi-level goverance, public policy, AI and statehood, qualitative methods, and political theory.

I am happy to supervise theses in any of my (and neighbouring) areas of expertise.

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