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Førsteamanuensis, musikkterapi
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Music and the nervous system, central, peripheral and social

Multi-modal sensory and cognitive processes in communication

Interdisciplinary communication and interaction

Improvisation and meaning

Music therapy and neurorehabilitation

MUF101 Music, culture and society

MUTP101 Introduction to music therapy

MUTP111 Music and Brain

MUTP203 Music making in music therapy groups

MUTP302 Improvisation in music therapy

MUTP303 Music therapy profession

MUTP312 Music therapy research methods

MUTP350 Master thesis supervision


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Book: Gilbertson, S. & Aldridge, D. (2008). Music therapy and traumatic brain injury: A light on a dark night. London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Dr. rer. medic. (PhD, Faculty of Medicine, University of Witten/Herdecke)

Diploma in Music Therapy (Nordoff Robbins/City University)

Diplom Musikterapeut (University of Witten/Herdecke)

State Registered Music Therapist (Health Professions Council, UK)

In Visible Hands: An arts-based research project investigating the meaning given to embodiment in music therapy practice using sculpture and qualitative analysis of therapist's narratives on the use and meaning of their hands in music therapy.

In Audible Movements: A multidisciplinary collaborative research project investigating interrelations between physical movement and musical structures in multidisciplinary music improvisation. Study uses multiple high definition cameras and Noldus Observer XT data capture and analysis software.

Music therapy implementation in medical contexts: An international collaboration between Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre (GAMUT) and Leeds Institute of Medical Education (LIME)

Interdisciplinary education and training in primary health care (TVEPS and TVEPS Research)