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Vitenskapelig artikkel
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2022). Late Quaternary mud-dominated, basin-floor sedimentation of the Gulf of Corinth, Greece: Implications for deep-water depositional processes and controls on syn-rift sedimentation. Basin Research. 1567-1600.
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Faglig foredrag
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2014). Controls on deltaic sedimentation in an active rift setting: a source-to-sink approach from the Sperchios delta, central Greece.
Vitenskapelig foredrag
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2022). Understanding the Quaternary Evolution of the Corinth Rift from scientific ocean drilling, IODP Expedition 381.
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2022). Rift segment boundaries as key controls on deep-water, syn-rift stratigraphy; the Corinth Rift, Greece.
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2022). Paleoceanographic conditions within the Corinth rift basin during the last interglacial (MIS 5e).
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  • Vis forfatter(e) (2021). From surface processes modelling to high-resolution drilling record: resolving key controls on sediment production and stratigraphic development in the Corinth Rift, Greece.
  • Vis forfatter(e) (2019). Author Correction: High-resolution record reveals climate-driven environmental and sedimentary changes in an active rift (Scientific Reports, (2019), 9, 1, (3116), 10.1038/s41598-019-40022-w). Scientific Reports.

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