Suzette Flantuas bilde

Suzette Flantua

Vitenskapelig artikkel
  • 2020. Palm fruit colours are linked to the broad-scale distribution and diversification of primate colour vision systems. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences.
  • 2020. Diversification in evolutionary arenas—Assessment and synthesis. Ecology and Evolution. 6163-6182.
  • 2020. Compositional turnover and variation in Eemian pollen sequences in Europe. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. 101-109.
  • 2019. The flickering connectivity system of the north Andean paramos. Journal of Biogeography. 1808-1825.
  • 2019. A new modern pollen dataset describing the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The Holocene. 1-10.
Vitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel
  • 2019. Colombia in the Quaternary: an overview of environmental and climatic change. 62 sider.
Vitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review
  • 2018. Geological and climatic influences on mountain biodiversity. 718-725.

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