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Vitenskapelig artikkel
  • 2017. Imagining the Real: The Photographic Image and Imagination in Knowledge Production. Visual Anthropology. 1-21.
  • 2017. Co-photographing in North-western Tigray, Ethiopia. AnthroVision.
  • 2016. Negotiating gender norms in the context of equal access to education in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia. Gender and Education. 139-155.
  • 2015. Whose authority? The religious conditioning of decision-making in the context of rights to reproductive choice in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia. Annales d'Éthiopie. 153-173.
  • 2014. Having fewer children makes it possible to educate them all: an ethnographic study of fertility decline in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia. Reproductive Health Matters: An international journal on sexual and reproductive health and rights. 104-112.
  • 2009. Evocative encounters: An exploration of artistic practice as a visual research method. Visual Anthropology. 393-411.
  • 2006. Saleni, fotografer meg! Om sammenhenger mellom fotografisk representasjon og forståelse av personen i Tigray, Etiopia. Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift. 33-47.
  • 2006. PTSD og konfrontering av traumer i et kulturelt perspektiv. Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening. 1292-1299.
Faglig foredrag
  • 2020. Abort heime og ute: Siste nytt fra Norge, verda, Etiopia. Innlegg og visning av Mjaaland's dokumentarfilm ‘Dialogues about abortion’.
  • 2018. Filmscreening of the edutainment drama Choices & Consequences, Part 2.
  • 2017. Exploring methods of engagement in research on youth sexual and reproductive health. Part 2 of an edutainment drama. .
  • 2016. Valg og konsekvenser.
  • 2016. An Ethnography of Photographies.
  • 2015. What about girls’ education in conflict-affected populations when most of the refugees are boys and young men? The case of Eritrean refugees in UNHCR camps in Tigray, Ethiopia.
  • 2015. Lessons for SDG 5: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
  • 2015. Girls’ education: Lessons for a post-2015 development agenda.
  • 2015. At the frontiers of change.
  • 2014. Dissemination of findings back to the local community where the research took place.
  • 2014. At the frontiers of change. Girls’ education in North-western Tigray, Ethiopia.
Populærvitenskapelig foredrag
  • 2017. US re-instating the ‘Global Gag Rule’ – what now?
  • 2010. Opening adress to the seminar Transnational/Global Feminism: Issues, Contestations, Challenges.
  • 2010. Girls' educational strategies and visual practice; a gendered case from Tigray, Ethiopia.
Vitenskapelig foredrag
  • 2019. Sexual and reproductive health ‘edutainment’ with and for youth in Ethiopia.
  • 2019. Exploring methods of engagement in research on youth sexual and reproductive health.
  • 2018. Epistemologies of ignorance: the hymenocentric myth of female virginity and its implications for women’s SRHR.
  • 2018. Contradicting trends? Some reflections on gender issues in Tigray.
  • 2016. Power and agency in visual anthropology.
  • 2016. Photographic ambiguity and academic knowledge.
  • 2016. Method of engagement in gender research.
  • 2014. The issue of imagination in knowledge producation.
  • 2014. Sexuality, gender dynamics and development goals.
  • 2014. Presence in photographic representation through absence.
  • 2014. Paradoxes in feminist resistance practices and knowledge production.
  • 2014. Ethiopian Encounters: Power and agency in development research.
  • 2014. Climate change, population and sustainable development: A gender perspective.
  • 2013. Re-thinking photography in anthropological research: reflections based on visual encounters in Tigray, Ethiopia.
  • 2013. Portrait photography as mediating anthropological knowledge.
  • 2013. Maernet biqalsi, equality through struggle: some notes on the Tigrayan context, Ethiopia.
  • 2012. Traversing art and science: examples from photographic practice.
  • 2012. Mapping decision-making; the case of Tigrayan women’s contraceptive use.
  • 2011. At the frontiers of femaleness in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia.
  • 2010. Visual practice and educational strategies; a gendered case from Tigray, Ethiopia.
  • 2010. Transnational circulation of representations with a focus on Ethiopia.
  • 2009. Reflections on empowerment, violence and gender identity.
  • 2008. Art practice, research practice? Rethinking knowledge production to incorporate artistic practice as one aspect of its methodology.
  • 2005. Are "free choice", "force" and "false consciousness" the only alternatives when analysing women's agencies?
Annen presentasjon
  • 2017. Houses/Homes: The material demarcation of the middle-class.
  • 2016. The Travelling Self.
  • 2004. Ane suqh' ile. I keep quiet. Focusing on women's agency in western Tigray, North-Ethiopia.
  • 2017. Kan Trump stoppe kvinners abortrett? Bergens Tidende.
  • 2014. Jenters utdanning skaper ikke nødvendigvis likestilling og utvikling. Forskning.no.
  • 2013. At the frontiers of change? Women and girls' pursuit of education in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia.
  • 2020. Participants.
  • 2020. Moments of communication: Learning science diplomacy.
  • 2020. Masho's monologue.
  • 2020. Dialogues about abortion.
  • 2018. Three days of freedom: Women’s Ashenda celebration in Mekelle Tigray, North-Ethiopia.
  • 2018. Fighting for fitness.
  • 2017. Choices and Consequences. An edutainment drama about youth sexual and reproductive health. Part 2.
  • 2016. Choices & Consequences. An edutainment drama about youth sexual and reproductive health. Part 1.
  • 2014. At the frontiers of change. Girls' education in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia.
Vitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel
  • 2016. Mapping decision-making; the case of Tigrayan women’s contraceptive use. 14 sider.
  • 2013. Traversing art practice and anthropology; notes on ambiguity and epistemological uncertainty. 10 sider.
  • 2006. PTSD and trauma exposure in a cultural perspective. 20 sider.
  • 2004. Beyond the coffee ceremony. Women's agency in western Tigray, northern Ethiopia. 17 sider.
  • 2004. Betrayed? A gendered perspective on war and peace processes with focus on Tigrayan women's strategies. 16 sider.
  • 2002. Representations and Self-representations - on photography as methodology in social anthropological research. 14 sider.
Visuell kunst
  • 2000. Houses/Homes.
  • 2018. Love Complications. An educatinment drama about youth sexual and reproductive health.
  • 2018. Choices and Consequences. An edutainment drama about youth sexual and reproductive health. Part 3-4.

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