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ISDC 2020 Studying SD at UiB

Another term for System Dynamics is model based analysis and policy design. The System Dynamics method is applied in almost all areas of research and planning and is used to guide information search, to formulate models, perform analysis, and to facilitate learning and policy implementation. The method helps solve complex problems within disciplines and it provides a unifying language that stimulates and facilitates interdisciplinary work and education.

We offer two master programmes in System Dynamics: M.Phil. System Dynamics and Joint European Master.


Strategic Partnership for MOOC development

6 partner universities in Europe now receive funding from EU’s Erasmus+ program Strategic Partnerships to develop 8 MOOCs teaching policy-oriented System Dynamics.

Creative problem solving
Kreativ problemløsning

The UN provides PhD candidates at the UiB with a challenge

PhD candidates at UiB will be able to solve a specific SDG challenge provided by the UN Environment Programme. Through a new course in creative problem-solving, PhD candidates learn and apply methods that can help them establish connections across disciplines and solve problems that they could face...

UiB System Dynamic Alumni map

UiB System Dynamics Alumni Map

Do you have a degree in System Dynamics from UiB? Join or explore our alumni map!
Learning Environments
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System Dynamics and Learning Environments

System Dynamics models can be used to study social problems, write research articles, and give presentations for clients. Models can also be used to educate people and to motivate them to deal with social problems.

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EU funding for climate dynamics project

Birgit Kopainsky is partner in a project about sustainability and resilience in European agriculture. The project recently received more than 4.8 million Euros from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.