Mitochondrial Medicine & Neurogenetics (MMN)

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MMN group

The Mitochondrial Medicine & Neurogenetics (MMN) group is a clinical and research unit devoted to the diagnosis, study and treatment of inherited neurological diseases with a special focus on mitochondrial disease. Our team consists of clinical and basic scientists with a wide range of skills and expertise in the fields of clinical neurology, paediatrics, mitochondrial dysfunction and stem cell biology.

The Mitochondrial Medicine & Neurogenetics (MMN) group includes the Centre for Mitochondrial Medicine, a highly specialised unit dedicated to the investigation, diagnosis and follow-up of patients with mitochondrial disorders.

The major research areas within the MMN group are mitochondrial disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, including parkinsonism, ataxia etc., and ageing. We conduct multidisciplinary, translational research that includes clinical and laboratory studies, as well as studies of animal models and stem cells. For more details see our “Research” section.

Our goal is to promote better diagnosis and treatment of inherited neurological diseases by conducting state of the art research to elucidate disease mechanisms and define new treatments. 



MMN group is also part of Neuro-SysMed and one of the founder groups in Bergen Stem Cell Consortium (BSCC)