Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry

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The research group consists of three full time professors, post docs and around 20 students that are working for a MSc or PhD degree. The group has an international profile with members from several countries in addition to Norway; consequently, English is the working language in the lab.
The research has for many years been focused on development of synthetic methodology.  Among a number of areas investigated in the past are cyclopropane chemistry, flow chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, metal catalysis, metathesis, peptide synthesis and synthesis of peptidomimetic scaffolds, photochemistry, process optimization, and more recently, synthesis of natural products or mimics.

Students and staff

Professor Hans-René Bjørsvik, group leader

Professor Bengt Erik Haug

Professor emeritus Leiv K. Sydnes


Adjunct Associate Professor Tom Christian Holm Adamsen

Center for nuclear medicine and PET, Haukeland University hospital


Research technician

Marit Bøe Vaage



Markus Baumann

Pushpak Mizar

Muhammad Zeeshan



Eirin Alme

Francesco Angelucci

Louise Emblem Bergsjø

Davide Cirillo

Magnus Fairhurst

Beate Halsvik

Nina Henne

Frida Johanne Lundevall

Illimar Rekand

Ingrid S. Skinnarland

Elvira García de Jalón Vinegra



Valeriia Burova

Tom-Andre Fredriksen

Andreas Valle Hansen

Serena Moscatelli

Heidi Kristine Vintermyr

Stian Lægøy Årvik