Reservoir Physics – Energy Technology and CO2 Storage (CCUS)

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The Reservoir Physics – Energy Technology and CO2 Storage (CCUS) Research Group at the Dept. of Physics and Technology emphasizes research and education within a broad range of areas:

  1. Injection of CO2 and hydrocarbon gas for increased recovery
  2. Mobility control in heterogeneous reservoirs using foam and polymers
  3. Upscaling: From the laboratory to the field
  4. Carbon neutral gas production from methane hydrate
  5. CO2 Storage
  6. Hydrogen

Energy Technology and CO2 Storage are selected by the University of Bergen as areas of special importance with respect both to research and educational programs. The University of Bergen offers a 5-year engineering degree in Energy and Master Programs within both Petroleum and Process Technology; a total of 10 specialties are offered within the Master programs. The Research Group is responsible for teaching courses in the energy program and offers research based education within the Master programs.