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Vil 3D-printe deler av skjelettet ditt

The Tissue Engineering group, founded in 2006, is one of four research groups at the Department of Clinical Dentistry. The group, led by Prof. Kamal Mustafa, aims to address the shortage of tissues available for repair & regeneration. It includes a multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians & bioengineers working in close collaboration with national & international partners. Currently, we are developing functional engineered bone-tissue constructs, with combinations of cells, growth factors & the appropriate biomaterial scaffolds. The scope of our work includes all aspects of pre-clinical & clinical biomedical research.  Read more

For more information on the Tissue Engineering Group, please visit our website:


Picture of stunning stem cells and starlink trails

November’s Best Scientific Image – Selected by Nature

Exciting news is brewing in our research community! We’re thrilled to announce that the work by a researcher at the Tissue Engineering group, Shuntaro Yamada, has been featured as the Best Scientific Image of the Month on Nature.

Picture of Siddhart Vivek Shanbhag

Young researcher award for Siddharth Vivek Shanbhag

It is about bones, stem cells and growth factor stimuli in tissue when dentist and postdoctoral fellow Siddharth Vivek Shanbhag explains his research. Last week he received Helse Vest's Young Researcher award, for the studies he is doing on the regeneration of bone defects.

Picture of Åshild Johansen

New Biomaterials for 3D-Printing of Bone

Åshild Johansen, a PhD candidate in the Tissue Engineering Group, represented the University of Bergen and gave a talk at the National Convention for the Norwegian Dental Association in November 2023. The title of the talk was, “New Biomaterials for 3D-Printing of Bone”, where she presented some of...

Opening for TOR

Grand opening of Center of Translational Oral Research

On 25th august, we held our grand opening for TOR.