Welfare, Inequality and Life course


Topics of reseach:

- The distribution and use of welfare services

- The interaction between welfare users and professionals within the welfare system

- Inequality and poverty

- The relationship between family life, work life and the welfare state 

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New article

The welfare front line in the twenty-first century

Kjetil G. Lundberg (UniReseach Rokkan Centre) og Liv Johanne Syltevik (Department of sociology) have published an article on everyday interaction in the front line of the Norwegian welfare state in Journal of Organizational Ethnography.

New publication

Accumulation and Persistence of Welfare Problems over Time

Postdoctor Miia Bask has published an article in Social Indicators Resarch on accumulation and persitence of welfare problems based on longitudinal analysis' of a data-set from Sweeden.

New Article

Social influence and the Matthew mechanism

In this article Post. Doc Miia Bask and her co-writer Mikael Bask (Uppsala University) examins if the Matthew effect, or Matthew mechanism, was present in the artificial cultural market Music Lab when social influence between individuals was allowed, and contrary, if this was not the case when...

New Article

Study of externalising and internalising problem behaviour

Post Doc Miia Bask has published the article "Externalising and internalising problem behaviour among Swedish adolescent boys and girls" in the latest issue of International Journal of Social Welfare.