Institutt for sammenliknende politikk
Lunch seminar

Lunch seminar: «Gender – another Rokkanian cleavage?»

Should Rokkanian cleavage theory be gendered – and if yes, for what purpose?


You are invited to discuss these questions with Per Selle (Department of Comparative Politics), Margunn Bjørnholt (Department of Sociology), Ragnhild Muriaas (Department of Administration and Organization Theory) and Anne-Hilde Nagel (Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion). In response to a recent paper by Katharina Sass (Department of Sociology) and Stein Kuhnle (Department of Comparative Politics), which conceptualizes the term “gender cleavage”, these four distinguished scholars will reflect on the empirical and analytical potential of such a concept. They will share insights based on their own gender-related research, and will suggest possible avenues for future research which could profit from taking gender into account as a separate cleavage.

The seminar is followed by an informal lunch (on the terrace if the weather allows it). Please, remember to register by 19 May if you want lunch.