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PhD methods course

PhD course - Panel and Pooled Data Analysis

On 18-20 March Vera Troeger will hold a three-day workshop on panel data and pooled data analysis


SAMPOL904 is a 3-days course on panel data and pooled data analysis. With focus on dealing with issues arising from heteroskedasticity, spatial correlation, serial correlation and dynamics. The course will include dealing with cross-sectional, time-series, panel and pooled datya analysis. Non-linear models, interaction effects, parameter instability, instrumental variables and simultaneous equasion models will also be taught.

The course is targeted at social and political scientists as well as economists with average statistical skills with a strong interest in applied empirical research and data analysis.

The focus lies on practical problems of applied data analysis.

The deadline for registering is 1 March and completed course participation gives 10 ECTS (participation and research paper) or 3 ECTS (participation). PhD candidates, Postdocs and permanent staff are welcome to participate. The course is taught in-person in Bergen.