SDG Bergen (N)

Strengthening Science Diplomacy Transboundary Institutions

Professor Edvard Hviding is one of the guest speakers in plenary session VII at the S4D4C final networking meeting. He will bring a perspective on science diplomacy working towards the United Nations system and globally.

Professor Edvard Hviding from the University of Bergen at the High-level Political Forum at the United Nations in July 2018, as part of the official Norwegian delegation.
GLOBAL SCIENCE DIPLOMACY: Scientific Director for SDG Bergen Science Advice Edvard Hviding at the 2018 High-level Political Forum at the UN representing Norway to present science on achieving the 2030 Agenda.


Abstract: In the context of science diplomacy, numerous transboundary institutions intermediate between scientific and political interests across national borders. While these institutions are expected to produce and promote scientific knowledge that helps overcome global challenges, while they offer knowledge-exchange by building up communication interfaces and while they foster strategic partnerships for capacity-building and training, they should deserve more attention. In this respect, the roundtable talk is exchanging experience with working in and with such institutions and will synthetize of what is most valuable about them.

ChairTim Flink, Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer in Science Policy, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and the German Center of Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW)


  • Edvard Hviding, Scientific Director of SDG Bergen Science Advice and Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen
  • Anindita Bhadra, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, and Vice Chair of the Global Young Academy
  • Franklin Carrero, Senior Director, Global Policy and Development, US National Academy of Sciences (NAS)