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Neurosexism, Neurofeminism and the Limits of Neuroplasticity

SKOK invites to an open seminar with postdoctoral fellow Claus Halberg

Portrait photo
Claus Halberg

"Neurosexism" is a term coined by feminist cognitive scientist and science writer Cordelia Fine as a descriptor of how sexist (i.e., gender-essentialist) assumptions continue to inflect contemporary research on sex differences in brain and behaviour. A considerable amount of the "neurofeminist" critical response to this paradigm during the last decade has involved some kind of mobilisation of the concept of neuroplasticity, i.e., of the established fact that brain structure, circuitry and function are subject to modulation in response to the vicissitudes of experience. In this talk, I speak to some of the limitations of this strategy that neurofeminists themselves have pointed out and explore an alternative, more philosophical route to a critique of neurosexism by targeting its conceptual underpinnings regarding the nature of brain function as such.


All interested are welcome!