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Widding Isaksen med bidrag i ny bok: "Politics of Care"

I boken Politics of Care bidrar Elise Widding Isaksen og Helle Stenum med kapittelet "The politics of recognition: From cultural exhange to domestic work".


Utdrag fra en omtale av boken:

"Numerous research data show that the key strategy by which households, especially in Southern and Western European countries, but increasingly also in Nordic and Eastern European states, compensate for the care work to paid migrant or local care workers.

In this collection of papers authors from different European regions critically examine policy responses of different local, national or supranational, governmental or civil society, collective or individual policy actors to these developments."


Boken ble lansert 15. september på konferansen "Migrant Labour: Contested integration prospects for citizenship" som ble holdt på Universitetet i Ljubljana.