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Ubehagelig kunnskap

MAGIC-prosjektet har laget en serie med 2-minutters lange tegneseriersnutter som presenterer ubehagelig kunnskap. Se de her!

Can intermittent renewable energy power societies?

Can intermittent renewable energy power societies? This 2-minutes cartoon is one of many, where uncomfortable news is illuminated in a straightforward way.
Magic Nexus Project


MAGIC's Uncomfortable Knowledge Series

The MAGIC project, coordinated by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and with the SVT as a partner, has made a set of 2-minutes cartoons with uncomfortable knowledge. 

Some of the titles are "What future do electric vehicles hold in the EU?", "Can intermittent renewable energy power societies?" and "Is a circular bioeconomy possible?".

Read more about ghe MAGIC project and watch the 2-minutes cartoons: