A PhD survival camp

PhD day at the Mathematical and Natural Science Faculty

Meet fellow PhD candidates and research support staff over coffee, lectures and discussions. We cover topics from surfing the publication tsunami to increasing your visibility.

A PhD survival camp

PhD life is full of questions. In which journal should I publish? What are the pitfalls when writing? How do I find funding for publishing fees? Do I need a data management plan? (Spoiler: Yes, you do!) Which data to include in one? How do I increase visibility of my work? How do I spot 'junk' or 'fake' science? Have I overlooked relevant literature?

The Mathematics and Natural Sciences Library offers PhD candidates a seminar addressing these questions.

Sign up and save the date: April 5th, 9:00 -16:00,  Store Auditorium at Høyteknologisenteret

Preliminary schedule

Welcome, overview, get to know each other, coffee (9:00-9:15) 

Library Services and access to the literature you want (9:15-9:45) (Susana Reuder)

  • Access from outside campus
  • Order literature from outside UiB
  • Individual guidance
  • Phd on Track
  • Shut up and write
  • Elsevier

What and how to search, read and cite (9:45 - 10:30)(Hege Folkestad)

Using efficient and time saving search techniques, make sure you find & cite:

  • Original data, original publications
  • Representative publications
  • Relevant criticism and suggested fixes to your methods and analyses
  • Relevant comparisons
  • Most recent data (stay updated!)

How you get evaluated and what you can do to improve your impact (10:30 - 11:15) (Kathrine Cohen)

  • How you and your publications get evaluated
  • H-index and Journal Impact factor
  • What you can do to make your publications more visible

    Coffee break

    Tips and tricks on how to use the most common databases (11:30 - 12:15)(Ingunn Rødland)

    • Web of Science vs Google Scholar
    • Relevant databases for scientific literature

    Free Lunch (12:15 - 13:15)

    Writing a research paper - a survival guide (13:15 - 14:15)(Bodil Holst)

    Doing Science is difficult enough, but writing about it can feel even more difficult. In this humorous presentation Bodil Holst takes you through some of the pitfalls and challenges of scientific paper writing. The talk is based on her book: Scientific Paper Writing: A Survival guide.

    Copyright and open access (14:15 - 15:00) (Tormod Eismann Strømme)

    • Copyright and licenses in the publishing process
    • Open access – what, why and how?
    • Plan S
    • UiB services and funding for open access
    • What to be aware of concerning research documentation and publication points


    Research data management (15:15 - 16:00)(Kjersti Hasle Enerstvedt) 

    • Write a data management plan for your PhD project and EU or NFR proposals
    • Publish data together with your article
    • Archive your data for the future


    Wrap up  (16:00 - 16:15) (Kjersti Hasle Enerstvedt)

    Social gathering (17:00) at Integrerbar!

    Pizza and film: Phd - the movie 1 and 2


    We have also scheduled a couple of courses in reference management in April. Reference management tools help you to create your own research library and handle citations correctly and efficently while writing.