Workshop on Academic Writing

Reflecting on one’s own practice of teaching academic writing

Reflecting on one’s own practice of teaching academic writing: In what way can Peter Elbow and Patricia Leavy be useful?

In this workshop we want to reflect on our experience as teachers of academic writing by involving extracts of the writings of Peter Elbow (Writing without Teachers, 1973, Chapter 1) and Patricia Leavy (Method Meets Art, 2014, Chapter 9) into our discussion. We want to discuss what these two authors have to offer in terms of a more progressive or creative approach to academic writing. We look forward to hearing about your experience and contributions, may they be on writing traditions, style, particular frameworks, ideas about best practice, or other areas. Hope to see you on Wednesday! Text will be forwarded to respondees.


Facilitators:  Randi Benedikte Brodersen (UiB), Andrea Milde (Nottingham Trent University, UK), Pål Steiner (UiB)

Room is TBA, depending on attendance (room 150 or 025)