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Software Carpentry course in research computing skills: Shell, Python, Git

Tired of manually moving files? You want to be able to efficiently analyze data and create fancy plots? You want to learn programming but you do not know where to start? You would like to make your data analysis more reproducible? This is the course for you!


Kurset vil foregå på engelsk.

This course will provide researchers with computational tools to address their research questions in new or more efficient and reproducible ways. The course is aimed at novices and no previous programming knowledge is required. The course follows the Software Carpentry teaching concept and lessons.

The course is hosted by the University Library Digital Lab and kindly supported by CodeRefinery/NeIC. It is open to all students and employess at UiB, PhD students and researchers ar the main target audience. Employees from other Norwegian Universities may apply.

Course content and schedule:

Software Carpentry aims to help researchers get their work done in less time and with less pain by teaching them basic research computing skills. This course will cover the following lessons: Unix Shell, Plotting and Programming in Python, Version Control with Git. Participants will be encouraged to help one another and to apply what they have learned to their own research problems.


Thursday 16.9, 13-14h: Installation help

Monday 20.9., 9-13h: Automating Tasks with the Unix Shell
Tuesday 21.9., 9-13h: Plotting and Programming in Python I
Wednesday 22.9., 9-13h: Plotting and Programming in Python II
Thursday 23.9., 9-13h: Plotting and Programming in Python III
Friday 24.9., 9-13h: Version Control with Git

Details about the schedule and lessons can be found on the Github course page.


Number of places: 20

Please sign up using the registration link, including a short statement why you wish to participate in the Software Carpentry course. Participants will be accepted based on their motivation statement and the order of sign-up. You will need to actively confirm you participation after the signup period, elsewise your spot will be offered to someone on the waiting list.

Participants are expected to attend all course days and install software in advance. Participation in the installation help session is strongly recommended.