How to find publication statistics for the CV (beyond citations...)

Kurs for forskningsrådgivere og forskere som vil kunne finne publikasjonsstatistikk til CV'en


Kursspråket er engelsk.

As a researcher or research advisor, you may want or need to add publication-related statistics to a CV when writing applications.

This short seminar aims to provide practical guidance on how to find these statistics, as well as ideas for moving beyond the h-index and citations. We will cover:

  • Different types of publishing statistics available, and what they reflect
  • Which statistics are suitable for which publication types, and limitations to be aware of
  • Common data sources
  • Resources to help you find statistics for your own publications

The tools we will touch on include ORCID, Web of Science, Google Scholar, Altmetric ++, and we will refer to our open online guide for the practical guides/walk-throughs.

A Zoom link will be sent to registered participants before the seminar begins. Use the "Påmelding her" link in the course details box to register. The course will run if there are 5+ participants registered.