Shut Up and Write at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Are you a PhD or Postdoc, and struggling with finding the time to sit down and write? Join Shut Up and Write!


Shut up and Write is an informal gathering with the aim of giving you a dedicated time and space to focus on writing. It consists of: 

·       A distraction-free workspace: no phones, no emails, no interruptions.  
·       Structured working blocks: 45 minutes writing, 15-minute break 
·       Coffee/tea, biscuits and chat with other writers during the break 

You are welcome to join at any break (the first 15 mins of every hour e.g. 14.00-14.15 and15.00-15.15 – doors close and writing begins at 15 past!). No registration, just bring your laptop and coffee mug and show up!

There are Shut up and Write events in libraries, universities and cafes all over the world, with the aim of helping people to get writing. The idea is that writing along with others in a structured and relaxed environment with defined periods of active writing and breaks, gives you increased inspiration to write yourself. See http://www.shutupwrite.com/, and https://thesiswhisperer.com/shut-up-and-write/ for more information.