Get into the Green Scene – A small guide to everyday`s sustainability

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Kjersti H. Enerstvedt


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Sustainability is a huge topic and many people struggle with this vastness. Where to start? What to do? Why does it matter? Consequently, many people give up on their efforts in sustainability. 

In this talk, Dr. Stefan Thiele, Postdoctoral researcher at Department of Biological Sciences (BIO), will explain what sustainability means and why it is so complex. He will look into an overarching concept for many topics in sustainability, the circular economy. Most importantly, he will provide practical tips and tricks on how to overcome the confusion, plan ahead, and start your own sustainability concepts in your home, but especially your lab and work life. 

The event will last about 45 minutes. Coffee/tea and biscuits will be served (please bring your own cup!). Everyone is welcome!