"Research catalogue" for publisering og deling av kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid

Bli med i seminarserien Lunsj med Åpen Vitenskap - denne gangen for å høre om hvordan kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid kan publiseres og deles gjennom plattformen "Research Catalogue".

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Seminaret vil vere på engelsk.


About the topic

The Research Catalogue (RC) is a non-commercial, collaboration and publishing platform for artistic research provided by the Society for Artistic Research. The RC is free to use for artists and researchers and strives to be an open space for experimentation and exchange. The platform also serves as a backbone for teaching purposes, student assessment, peer review workflows and research funding administration. Several higher education institutions in Europe, including Norway, are currently using RC or have just started to implement the system.

For this month's Open Science Lunch we have therefore invited three speakers. Based on their different roles and experiences, each speaker will provide their perspective on using RC to publish and collaborate on artistic research. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session.

Invited speakers are:

  • Heidi Möller (Editorial project manager, Stockholm University of the Arts): "RC as publishing platform for VIS – Nordic journal for artistic research";
  • Geir Strøm (Senior adviser, Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills): "How the Norwegian research school in artistic research (PKU) uses RC in training of PhD candidates";
  • Jostein Gundersen (Associate professor and Vice-Dean for Research, University of Bergen): "Perspectives from an artist researcher using RC".

The session is lead by Daniel Øvrebø, Library contact for music at the University Library of Bergen


How to join

The event is open to everybody and you can join online on Zoom (Zoom link here).