Program for universitetspedagogikk
Course in University Pedagogy

UPED636 How to Design and Teach Blended Courses

This course, taught by Matt Russell and Robert Gray, will explore ways to replace face-to-face course time with online activities using Mitt UiB and other digital tools

Robert Gray teaching online

This course will be online via Zoom and Mitt UiB / Canvas

Dates spring 2020:

Monday 25. May (14:00-16:00)
Monday 8. June (14:00-16:00)
Monday 22. June (14:00-16:00)

This course is for instructors at UiB who would like to design and teach blended courses. Blended courses are courses where a significant amount of the teaching and learning occurs online, often to the extent that some of the face-to-face time is reduced, replaced by online activities.

The course will provide opportunities to explore multiple approaches to blended learning. Participants will explore the research on best practices, develop course materials and activities, receive feedback, and share their ideas and experiences with colleagues. It is expected that participants will develop learning materials and/or activities in the periods between training sessions that address either specific content or a specific learning objective in their course(s) and that participants will give each other feedback on those materials in the sessions.