Universitetsmuseet i Bergen

Documenting Fertility Ritual

The Shona people’s rainmaking ritual is considered to be so vulgar that the church has tried to eradicate it.

Frode Storaas at Bergen Museum is the first anthropologist ever to have documented the rainmaking ritual of the Shona people on film.Storaas has with Tore Sæterdal from UoB, UNIFOB, and Liivo Niglas from the University of Tartu in Estonia made this unique anthropological film which has been shown, among other places, on the Worldfilm Tartu Festival of Visual Culture, Estonia.

The outcome of this is the documentary ”If the vaginas had teeth”, which Storaas has produced with two of his colleagues. The film shows a fertility ritual which is in the process of dying out, and is seen as too vulgar for the church and ”modern” people. The subject matter has been mentioned in the University of Bergen’s News “På Høyden” and in the daily Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet”.