Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts visuels de 'La Cambre' og Kunstakademiet - Institutt for samtidskunst (ERASMUS+)

  • LandBelgia
  • ByBruxelles
  • Studieplassar2
  • StudienivåBachelor og Master
  • AvtaletypeErasmus+
  • Lengde på opphald1 semester


Om avtalen

Kven kan søke

Avtalen gjeld for studentar på bachelor- og masterprogramma i kunst og design. Det er eit krav at du må tatt minst 60 studiepoeng før avreise.

Når i studiet kan eg reise

For bachelorstudentar er det mogleg å reise på utveksling i 3., 4. eller 5. semester. For masterstudentar er 2. semester best eigna for utveksling. Ta kontakt med hovudrettleiar om du er usikker på når det passar best.


Sjå lærestaden sine heimesider for informasjon om undervisningsspråk.

Kva emne kan eg ta

Frie studiepoeng - du kan velje emne fritt innanfor det fagfeltet som avtalen gjeld for.

Det er ein føresetnad at emna du vel ikkje overlappar i nivå eller innhald med emne du har tatt tidlegare, eller planlegg å ta seinare ved UiB.


Erasmus-studentar betaler ikkje studieavgift ved vertsuniversitetet, men skal registrere seg og betale semesteravgift ved UiB for heile den tida dei er ute.



Høst 2020 - MA kunst

Høst 2020 - MA kunst

15.09.2020 - 31.01.2021

Førebuingar/praktiske tips

It is difficult to find a place to stay in Brussels. Use Facebook-groups, there are a few available. La Cambre also has a Facebook-group for students which is helpful to join. For the rest, we came during corona so it is difficult to make an assessment of useful tips for the next person. The Erasmus coordinators are really helpful and supportive. All in all, it is a good place to be. Just make sure you know how to speak French or else you'll be left out of quite a lot things (almost none of the teaching is in English).

Høst 2020 - MA kunst

Høst 2020 - MA kunst

15.09.2020 - 31.01.2021

Førebuingar/praktiske tips

It s difficult to find an apartment for less than 1 year in Brussels. Most landlords want to stipulate contracts that last 1 to 3 years. So it is advisable to search for a room in a shared flat on FB or on La cambre students FB page.


Teaching method at Lacambre is quite different from UiB. I would say more practical then theoretical. I personally enjoyed having some concrete, practical direction from my teachers, and I felt I have advanced in both the projects I was carrying on before my Erasmus began. I appreciated having as teachers two young photographers who are part of the current artistic scene in Belgium and France.

Vurdering av emnetilbodet

The course was good. It left a good deal of freedom to develop my work and at the same time every week I had to show progress on my work to either of my professors: David and Lola. I developed one project with each professor. I also really liked a art review writing course where we were required to go out and see shows and then write reviews about them. I liked it a lot and it helped develop my writing skills. The CASO course I chose was on text based art and it also helped develop my writing. I am completely satisfied with the teaching I got and I feel like I really learnt a lot in these 5 months.

Fagleg utbyte og språk

I spoke a bit of french previously and that helped a lot, because my teachers did not speak english very well. So I spoke English and they spoke french but we understood each other well.

Universitetsområdet og byen

The city of Brussels is great. Because of corona, most museums were closed most of my stay, but I still managed to see something in the first couple of months and before I left. Brussels is full of art and events. I also travelled to Antwerp and Bruges.


The apartment I found was nice, but it was not easy to find it, since most landlords require a contract that lasts at least 1 (or sometimes 3) years.

Sosialt miljø

People are rather friendly, although because of corona, most teaching was 1:1 on zoom, so I missed a bit the input of the other students.