Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW)

Coexistence between fisheries and the offshore wind industry - what can we learn from abroad?



Session 1. Knowledge acquisition for coexistence between the offshore wind industry and fisheries
• Existing knowledge and knowledge gaps of environmental effects and consequences of offshore wind to the fishing industry - Anne Christine Utne Palm, Institute of Marine Research
• Obtained knowledge and experience from the fishing industry - Nils Roar Hareide, Runde environmental centre
• To what extent is the establishment of offshore wind takes place in close cooperation with the fishing industry as is the intention - Dorothy Dankel, SINTEF Ocean, UiB

Session 2. Coexistence between fisheries and the offshore wind industry

How do we work in Norway?
• Experiences from the collaborative work between the fisheries organizations and Offshore Norway to achieve principles for coexistence – Jan Henrik Sandberg, Norges Fiskarlag (Norwegian Fishermen's Association)
• Experiences from the working process in selection of new areas for offshore wind in Norway – Ingvild Henriette Kristin Andersson, NVE (Norwegian water and energy resources)

How do they work on coexistence abroad?
• Killebergs Fisheries Organization, Ireland, about their experience with cooperation Hexicon (floating windfarm) – Michael Keatinge, Killybegs Fisherman's Organisation
• Fishing in Hywind Scotland (floating windfarm) – Monica Fundingsland, Equinor
• Fisheries in offshore windfarm area – Jorrit-Jan Serraris, Marine Research institute Netherlands

Panel discussion: What can we learn from abroad? 

Panel: Bård Aarbakke from the Directorate of Fisheries; Mia Høgi from the fisheries organisation Pelagisk forening; Terje Eriksen fishermen; Gunnar Birkeland from Source Galileoa and ….. ….. Eviny representing offshore wind industry.