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CCBIONeur912: Health Innovation course

The course aims to teach PhD candidates and other researchers how to recognize the close connection between research findings and innovation potential. The course will use examples from our own research environments as well as internationally, to showcase the practical route from idea to patent – and beyond.

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The overall aim of this course is to encourage and enable our PhD students and young researchers to identify and evaluate the innovation potential in their own research projects, and provide them with the knowledge needed to be able to do this. The course will provide inspiration and practical knowledge on alternative ways to realize the innovation potential from research projects. Professional expertise from the Medical Faculty, Division of Research and Innovation at UiB, and the local tech transfer office VIS will provide a good understanding of the legal and practical framework for research-based innovation, including how to protect and exploit their intellectual property. 

The students will also be introduced to the perspective of early stage venture capital fund managers and learn about the available funding instruments for the various stages of development. Last but not least, local and international entrepreneurs from the two centers of excellence will share their experiences with the students. 

Agnete Engelsen (CCBIO) and Magnus Alvestad (Neuro-SysMed) have been planning the new course together with dedicated academic teams/ working groups from both research centres and the Division of Research and Innovation at UiB. The course further benefits from close collaboration and inspirational presentations from CCBIO and Neuro-SysMed affiliates with professional expertise and experience from innovation-related activities. The course will be arranged as a blended learning program with four seminar days of synchronous work and additional resources and assignments available for asynchronous online work. The new course on Health Innovation course is part of phase 2 of the INTPART project: “Bergen-Harvard Cancer Studies phase 2: Continued Partnership for Responsible Education, Research and Innovation Excellence.

Academic responsible are Agnete Engelsen from CCBIO and Nina Grytten Torkildsen and Magnus Alvestad from Neuro-SysMed.

Administrative coordinators are Ning Lu from CCBIO and Hilde Norborg from Neuro-SysMed.

When: November 8-9 and December 2-3, 2021

Where: Eitri Medical Incubator, Haukeland University Hospital.

Registration: Will be available in Studentweb as of July 1, deadline September 5. Please register in Studentweb if you are already enrolled at the UiB. If you are not enrolled at the UiB, you register through Søknadsweb, where you simultaneously apply for UiB guest student status (also deadline September 5). 

Available for non-ECTS participation: No.

No fee.

ECTS: approved for 4 ECTS.

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